Why High School Students Are Against Homework: 3 Basic Points

Students are supposed to pay attention in classes and follow it up at home. The degree of labor intensifies as they go up in standards till they reach the high school phase (Grade 8 to 12). In this, homework often acts as the bone of contention.

While a few students actually understand the inherent value and significance of school assignments, most carry a lot of rancor against it. They cannot actually be blamed for this; there are resonant reasons behind such perspective. 3 of the main reasons follow –

  1. Needless continuation – It has been proved that assignments don’t add anything to the overall improvement of students. So, in the main, you have to complete a whole mathematical segment or a complicated essay with full diligence and method. Often, the assignments, when submitted, are not even worthily checked by the teacher. You begin to feel that you could have done the same for your personal benefit rather than to showcase your talent.
  2. A feeling of dependence – When you prepare your assignments and deliver them, you find that they have been sequentially schemed. Thus, you become overly dependent in them as resources when you exams come. Come to think of it, it hardly lets you broaden your horizon, making you reside within the parameters. Also, the exam papers may be structurally different than what you did in your assignments. The discrepancy hurts.
  3. Cutting time – There are subjects and segments you are not comfortable with or even intimidated with. You plan to check them out on a particular day and you encounter a set of assignments that will keep you busy. This not only cuts through your absorption time but also your gelling time with the family. This is a popular grievance of students against homework.

A futile exercise

These three points attempt to sum up why there is so much angst against assignments these days. While it does definitely keep you in-the-know and disciplined to a certain extent; we feel it is often an exercise in futility.

Not surprisingly, there is a rising cadence in favor of its official boycott or at least a gross reduction. Academicians, school authorities and intelligentsia have started to think from different perspectives whether the logic of school assignments holds merit.

As a student, you can hardly do anything more than respect your teacher’s demands. Perhaps in time, they will take to giving you less assignments and more personal time.