What To Do When You Have A Lot Of Homework And Little Time: 5 Great Tips

Homework seems to come in big batches that can take a long time to complete. But falling behind in homework can mean low grades and much stress. If you find yourself overwhelmed with your homework demands then use our five great tips.

Five Great Tips

  1. Keep a calendar-if you keep a large desk or wall calendar near your study area. Mark all the big assignments on the schedule, and then you can work the nightly assignments around that schedule. A phone calendar is not big enough or easy enough to see like a large wall or desk one.
  2. Use down time wisely-if you look at your day carefully, you will note that you have a lot of free time during the day. This extra work time could be on the bus going to or from school, at the beginning or end of class, at lunch, or during study hall or independent hour. Use these times productively and you will be amazed at how much work you can get finished.
  3. Seek help-if you are really struggling; there are several options for helping you to handle the work. You can use a peer tutor, work with a study group, hire a professional tutor, use a writing business, or ask a family member for some assistance. It is not a shame to ask for help.
  4. Go for extra help-your teacher will have and then advertise his or her extra help hours. Go should go, because the teacher can help you to work your way through your homework tasks. This will free up more time in the evening for you.
  5. Have a designated study space-you need a space to call you own where you can do your school tasks. If you share a desk or use the kitchen table, you will have to frequently move your school supplies. Make yourself a small designated study area. Keep the calendar there and have the proper school supplies as well.

As you look for a way to complete a lot of schoolwork in a small amount of time, you can use our five handy work suggestions. You will be glad that you use a calendar, use down time wisely, seek help, go for teacher extra help, and have a designated study area.