Where To Get Professional Help With Mechanical Engineering Homework

Getting help with your homework can be difficult, and as there is a shortage of engineers, you may need some support in finding professional help.

Start By:

  • Ask your tutor or colleagues if they know of anyone who provides homework support. Personal recommendation is always the best place to start your search. Your tutor may offer some extra tuition, or suggest avenues to explore.
  • Ask in the school or college library. Staff there may know of an older or more experienced student who will help others with their homework tasks. Staff may also know of other local sources for help.
  • Approach staff in the Learning Support department. Depending on your needs, one of the Learning Support Tutors may be able to help you with the structure of your work, but they may not have the expertise in engineering.

Then Try:

  • Have a look at some of the homework help sites that can be found on the internet. Choose an academic search engine and make a note of the key words that you are using and the order in which you are using them.
  • Make sure that you are accessing engineering homework help, rather than a general homework help site, as you will need a specialist tutor/support as to a tutor who can provide general help.
  • Select a few websites. Check that the site is real, by making sure that there are other ways to contact them other than through the website; that the tutors speak the same first language as you and that they display feedback from other customers.


  • Ask to see some examples of the work that has been done with other students. Make sure that access to examples is free. You may have to sign up to the website but this does not mean parting with your bank or card details.
  • If possible, look for the chance to talk over your needs with a tutor, this could be through email or by skype. Allow time for the tutor to give you some feedback in the form of a suggested way forward.
  • Explore the costs of homework help. If you are parting with your money you need to know that you are getting value. Compare the level of support you would get from a private tutor in comparison to working with a few other students supporting each other.

An additional suggestion is to check out some of the instructional videos that can usually be freely accessed online. These videos are usually made by tutors or students. They have the added advantage that they can be replayed several times.