Tips For Teachers: Kindergarten Math Homework Activities

Mathematics is somehow a troublesome subject for several students. As a kindergarten teacher, you should make your best to give your students a proper initiation in the matter. They will use your lessons as a backup in the following years, even if they are unconscious of this situation. In this article, we provide some useful ideas for homework activities.

  • Give the students chances to count. At this age, kids are avid learners. They will absorb every lesson in a matter of seconds. The first skill to master in Mathematics is counting: let them count again and again!
  • In kindergarten, children have a lot of chances to count:

    • By reading a calendar, they will learn how to count the days until an upcoming event,
    • Children may count the number of certain items in a room as a game.
    • Encourage kids to distribute toys to family members so that everybody receives the same number of items.
      • Ask them how many hours are left to a given event.
      • Make them recognize shapes and relationships. Children learn how to recognize shapes at kindergarten.
      • Ask them to recognize triangles, circles, rectangles and other basic shapes in a given picture.
      • Encourage them to count the number of triangles in a picture.
      • Can they count the number of wheels (circles) in a group of cars?
    • Encourage students to gather information. They should learn how to get some useful data in the Mathematics class.
      • Ask the children to take measurements in their rooms.
      • Ask to collect certain items and sort them by their shape, colour, etc.
      • Are they able to count how many cookies there are in a glass jar without opening it?
    • Always support reasoning skills tasks. Mathematics implies logic reasoning. You should encourage your students to think every time.
    • Propose a challenge which implies counting and score keeping so that the children will have to process the information they get.
    • Card games and other similar games may help to make the thinking process fun. Ask the children to find out how many times a certain character appears in a deck.
  • Try out some Math related games. There is no better way to learn Math than playing a game! Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four are games which help in learning build recognition. There are many others.