A Piece Of Advice On How To Make Yourself Do Homework You Don't Want To Do

Even the most passionate students sometimes run out of steam or come across a subject that they don’t particularly like. Sometimes, it’s just one piece of homework that you don’t want to tackle. The problem is, of course; it’s all mandatory! So you end up having to find a way to motivate yourself to doing something you don’t want to do. Written here, therefore, is some advice on how to force yourself to do the homework that you don’t feel inclined to do.

Offer yourself a reward

Make doing the homework seem like the only way to be able to get something you want. For instance, if you’re hungry, bargain with yourself and say that you can only let yourself eat once this piece of work - or a certain amount of it, if it is a particularly big project - has been completed. If you’ve wanted a new game for months and not been able to justify buying it, tell yourself that you’ll be allowed to purchase it if you do this homework. If you don’t trust yourself, get a friend to reward you. Perhaps ask them to let you have a treat every time you finish a page of writing or a certain number of questions.

Think about your future

Your grades are an essential building block in the path to your future success. Remind yourself of that fact as you look at that page of unsolved problems! If you need good marks to get into university, remind yourself of that fact. Perhaps you want to get a job in a certain industry that needs you to be able to do long multiplication, for example, with little trouble; perhaps even in your head. Tell yourself that you won’t be able to get the sorts of places you want to get to without a bit of hard work now.

Get someone to tell you off

Have a friend or family member prevent you from doing the other things you shouldn’t be doing - texting, watching television or playing games, for example. Have them take away distractions and not let you have them back until you’ve done your work. Make sure to ask them to check in on you and motivate you by offering you a break once you’ve completed a paragraph, for instance. If necessary, ask them to tell you off when you haven’t done enough homework!