Helping Your Child Focus On Homework: 6 Suggestions For Parents

As a parent, you also have a significant part to play in your children’s academic activities. They will always come back with homework and this is where you come into the picture. There are kids that find it difficult sitting at a place for a long time and easily lose focus. It becomes your duty as a parent to help such child sit down and focus on his or her assignments until they are all completed. Bear in mind that this could have its impact on other members of the family and as such, proper adjustments have to be made so that the time for handling these little ones’ assignments will not coincide with other family activities.

Here are a few suggestions that will help your child remain focused until his or her homework is completed. They are:

  • Comfortable environment: Depending on the arrangement of your home, this could be in the children’s room, dining area of even the kitchen. You have to make sure that the work will be done on a desk that can contain the books and other materials the child will need for completing the task. This includes textbooks, pencils, erasers, pens, rulers, crayons and others.

  • Eliminate distractions: This is very important to helping your child maintain focus on his or her homework. We all know that children love their modern-day technologies like video games and computer. These should be out of bound until the tasks are completed.

  • Have a particular time for study: It helps your children to prioritize their activities. If they know that their study time starts immediately after school hours, they won’t invite their friends over at the same time for plays. Their study time can also be set at cool evenings, before dinner.

  • Set down rules: Your child should know that when it is time for solving assignments, playing is not allowed. This is why there should be a specific time for them to study. Make sure these rules are strictly adhered to otherwise they will end up with half-done homework questions.

  • Make a list: As a parent, you can make the load lighter for your child by drawing up a to-do list with the child. This list includes chores and assignments for the week. Each task successfully done should be ticked. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and spurs them on to do more.

  • Give them breaks: Don’t force your child to spend more time than necessary on his or her homework. If the child has several tasks to complete, let him or her take short breaks until the tasks are completed.