How To Create A Homework Schedule For High School: Helpful Ideas

High school life is an exciting and a memorable journey for a teenager. At this stage, friendships are either built or destroyed. Relationships are tested not only by time but also by the innocence and the immaturity these young people possess. Even if lapses or mistakes are inevitable, the smile and the laughter are endless; more so with bashful parties and sometimes weird hang-outs. More importantly, academic life seems so easy because they can cling to someone for help and copy whatever is required by the teacher for compliance. Assignments do look good but tracing the source reveals a funny but dangerous reality: Homework assignments are done by one or sometimes two authors. This article will help young people to do their homework on their own and grow up to be independent.

  1. Develop the attitude of paying attention to your teacher – Most of the time; high school students ignore important reminders in the classroom including homework. Try your best to be sensitive to the feelings of other people.

  2. Record manually or electronically all the details of the homework – This is to avoid asking questions like the page numbers of the book or the correct format to be used.

  3. Focus on lengthy and challenging assignments – Before going out to play basketball or computer games, see to it that your homework in Chemistry and Mathematics are done already.

  4. Create a time frame or a timetable for on a daily or weekly basis - This will help you know the number of hours spent on every subject, including the time when you started it and the time you finish it.

  5. Use your phone or any usable gadget to remind you of very important assignments – The secret in doing assignments is self-discipline. Even if you set the alarm to tell you it’s time to do an important task for school and you just turn it off or ignore it, nothing good will happen.

  6. Schedule games or gimmicks on weekends if possible. You must focus on your academic life during weekdays because having fun can wait.

  7. Do simple assignments immediately after school. This will minimize student workload. The more you ignore it, the more there will be accumulated school work.

  8. Include in your schedule nature tripping or treating yourself to a picnic – This may sound funny or absurd; but, if you have a writing composition to make or a movie review or analysis to write, consider this item the best of all.

If you don’t want to do something, you will have a lot of reasons or excuses. On the other hand, if you really want to start something right away, you will have a lot of options or chances of doing it successfully on time. The best secret of all is your attitude.