The Role Of Homework In Schools: Question Of The Day

The role of homework in schools has been the question of the day for a while now. While some people may argue that it is unnecessary, it is widely acknowledged that the value and the role of homework in schools cannot be underestimated. It is valuable because it is at the intersection between the school and home. It serves as an opportunity for parents to observe their children’s education as well as voice some positive attitudes toward their children and education. For school administrators and teachers, take home assignments are cost effective means of providing some extra instruction to students.

  • Practice and Participation
  • Once constructive purpose of take home assignments, in the context of children’s’ educational experiences, is that it offers an opportunity to enhance the learners’ practice and participation. The learners’ achievement can be greatly improved through enhanced participation and practice in the learning tasks. Therefore, it is contemplated that if take home assignments are accurately completed, the learners’ grades and general knowledge, as well as their mastery of fundamental academic skills like spelling, reading, writing and mathematics will improve.

  • Strengthening Learners’ Sense of Responsibility
  • A learner’s ability to take the assignment home, collect and organize the necessary materials for completing the task, submit the assignment and get a grade strengthens her/his sense of responsibility. The child also acquires and develops some personal skills like time management skills. Additionally, the other role of homework in schools is that it can act as a positive aspect of the relationship between the parent and the child, especially when it proceeds smoothly.

  • Inform Parents about Class Policies and activities
  • Although the role of take home assignments as a school administrative role is often overlooked, it is important to acknowledge the fact that homework offers the parent an opportunity to know what his/her child is learning. It therefore plays a public relations role in the sense that it serves to inform parents about classroom activities as well as policies. Moreover, it can serve an administrative role by helping schools in achieving the overall mission of enhancing or improving the learner’ achievement.

In brief, the role of homework in schools is that it acts as a bridge that links parents and schools. From the school’s point of view, it is an opportunity for monitoring learners’ independent progress. From the parent’s perspective, it presents a wonderful opportunity to acquire a deeper appreciation of their children’s education and voice some positive attitudes toward their achievement.